Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Mom (This weekend!!!)

I am so excited for this weekend!! I will be attending something called Project Mom!!

They are the only company that provides events exclusively for moms! How awesome is that??? They have an all weekend package or just the one day package! They will have Guest speakers such as Jenna Marwitz and Nicole Sparks from Crockin' Girls(Um who doesn't love cooking with their crock pot!?!),Lorraine Brock from Get Organized!, and so many more speakers!They will have Break out groups,giveaways, and SHOPPING!!! I am beyond THRILLED to be attending. I can not wait to meet other moms! I think this is exactly what I need!

I am young mom. I married in 2007 at the age of 19 years old. I had my son at the age of 21. Not a lot of my friends  had children. Not a lot of my friends had Husbands! So, I didn't have friends that I could talk to and they couldn't give me any advice on how to raise a child. Now, I have my mom and my mother in law But each of their youngest children are 18 years old. While I do appreciate some advice from them... It's a little out dated. ha. Let's be honest here. I don't really have many friends that are moms or if they are moms they are at least 6+ years older than me. So it will be nice to be around mom of all ages and stages! I look forward to making some new mom friends and learning some new mom techniques!!

So, I  will let you know how my experience goes but I just know it will be a blast!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Life list

So my dear friend Jessica linked up with Natasha at hello happiness and posted about their "Bucket list/ Life list". I love making list. I have about a thousand "to do" list.(None of which are completed.) I thought I would join in a share my life list with you and encourage you to check out both ladies blogs. I don't know about you but when I see a baby bump on a blog--I addicted. HAHA. I currently have baby fever. again. It's ok. We will get to that another day.

These are in NO specific order. I hope these inspire you to take charge of your life and live it to the fullest!!

1. Go on a zipline tour
2. Travel through all 50 states
3. Start a family
4.Own a beach house in florida
5. Learn to box
6. witness a flash mob in real life.
7. Help plan someones wedding
8. Take a photography class
9. Travel to Egypt with Trey
10. Go to Disney World and Universal Studios as a family
11. See Niagara Falls
12. Host Thanksgiving for both our families at our home
13. Ride an elephant as an adult
14. Learn another language
15. Pet a penguin.(Legit)
16. Go sky Diving.
17. Go to 6th street in Austin, Tx
18. Go skinny dipping once in my life.
19. Complete a marathon
20. Swim with Dolphines
21. Go on a cruise with just Trey and I
22. Read the Harry Potter book series
23. Buy a Digital SLR camera
24. Grow my hair to right about my butt
25. Hit the slopes and go skiing!
26. Float in the dead sea
27. Go to Broadway show
28. Go ice skating
29. Read the Bible from beginning to end
30. Make a five course meal for a 
31. Be in a wedding 
32. go to college (I went for a semester or two)
33. Float any river
34. Buy all the classic Disney movies on DVD
35. Own a horse 
36. Hike up a mountain
37. Win a sweepstake
38. Attempt a natural birth
39. Learn to sew
40. watching every episode of "Friends"
41. Visit New York city
42. Buy Photoshop
43. Get married
44. Bury a time capsule and open it in 10 years with Trey and Aiden
45.Have a wedding/vow renewal ceremony with of course the same husband
46. Own a Ford Mustang.