Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank goodness for Wednesday!!!

That means its only 2 more work days!!! YAY!  Life has been CRAZY lately!! Between work and work. I have no time for anything else!! Well that's the way it feels anyways.  Aiden is in the process of potty training... That is scary. This morning he pee'd on the floor by the toilet and then say on the toilet. My poor buddy has things confused. But how can you be mad at this face!?!?

Not this momma!

Well, I might want to mention that it is oh, how pinteresting Wednesday! and I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple! I think this maybe one of my favorites (if not my favorite) Linkup!

wittle baby feet...So cute!

what a sweet face! such gentle eyes
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Awesome Monogram idea -
This just POPs with color!!
I need one stat!
little baby girl!
I need one now!
what a sweet face! such gentle eyes
I Love puppies! especially when they are not mine! 
just perfect
wearing this right now
Obsessed with Essie Right now!!!!
Last But not least... I love  this and I think this is a great wedding band for a husband, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!
His wedding band... with wife's fingerprint inside.  How is this done? I want!!

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Check out Michelle at the vintage apple!!

-Rebekah Alisa-