Saturday, April 28, 2012

Christmans lights in April,Baseball and boba !


This past Thursday was my 24th Birthday! It was pretty great. I woke up to breakfast in bed from my sweet hubby and A.
Then I was off to get my hair did.

Then we went to my FAVORITE restaurant. It's called Campo Verde. It is a Mexican restaurant with the most hideous, gaudiest, blatant, flamboyant, and gorgeous display of Christmas decorations I have ever seen! They keep the decorations up YEAR ROUND! I love it (And I might stab someone with fork to get my hands on their cheese sauce.) They also have a train that goes around the entire restaurant right over your head! That is A's FAVORITE thing there. 
The magic of a Christmas explosion all year long
How could you not love this!?

My little brother and I, Hubby and I, Momma and I & Daddy and I
My oldest brother Rick  and I 
My nephew Wyatt and I

And they have a mustache vending machines! 

Friday night, Hubby, A and I  went to the Texas Rangers game! I love me some baseball! Unfortunately, The Rangers did not win.
My handsome boys!
Let's go Rangers! 
I could not get A to smile for me. Mean muggin.

It was so much fun! This was A's First game. He went to one when he was a few months old but this is the first one he will remember (Hopefully).

My brother Aaron and his girlfriend Maggie weren't able to make it to my birthday dinner due to work
Since they weren't there, I had to take a picture with a picture . Haha!
Since they couldn't be there on my birthday, They took me out tonight! They took me to see " 5 year engagement". It was so funny! I love spending time with them. They are so cute and funny together! After we the movie, we went to get some dinner. They took me to this little Asian place that was DELISH! I even tried Boba tea( tea with tapioca balls). I was not a fan of the tapioca balls. They were disgusting. I think it was more of a texture thing for me. Once I bit into them...I just couldn't chew them anymore... I had to swallow them whole. hah!


The flavor was delicious...tapioca, Not so much.

This weekend isn't over with yet and so far it has been great!
Thanks for checking in!!

What kinda fun did you guys get into this weekend??

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Happy Wednesday! 

Today I am linking up with Michelle over at Vintage Apple For one of my favorite link ups..

Here are some of my fav finds this week!!

oh my gosh. I just want to pinch those chunky legs!!

How Cute

Work area
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Cute! :)
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early 1900s french platinum filigree cluster ring. omggg
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 What are some of your finds this week??

Now, I know not many of you know but I have been trying to grow my hair out for a while now. It is long right now (to me anyways..I usually do a bob style hair cut.) Tomorrow is the day. I am cutting my hair and getting it colored. I am sooooooo nervous. I don't know why! I mean it's not like I haven't gotten it cut short before. 

This is the picture I am taking in with me 
(I am not doing this color.)
It isn't THAT short, so I don't know why I am so nervous. I just hope I can pull it off!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well, Hello there stranger...

I know. I have thoroughly failed at updating my blog. In my defense, My laptop died. It is still dead... I am using hubby's right now.  I have decided to start making time to blog (And my mom keeps asking when I am going to update it.) I PROMISE!

Anyways, "A" has been keeping me BUSY. For those you who don't know, I have a strong willed child. Very strong willed. We have been dealing with all sorts of things. Hitting, Yelling, not listening,more yelling, Ect. I look at all the  moms around me and think "Wow, These moms really have a good grip on their kids!! What am I doing wrong?!?". Well, I found out what. 


I am so stinking inconsistent. I am really trying to follow through with what I say. "A" knows he can get away with whatever he wants because he knows I won't do what I say. I know he needs structure and reassurance in what is coming and what will happen when he doesn't obey me. I am not just inconsistent in my parenting but with EVERYTHING! House cleaning, Laundry, Crafts, Discipline,when I start dinner. So my friends, Any tips on being consistent? What has helped you? What hasn't helped you?

Well I will leave you with this sweet face.
Isn't he precious!?