Sunday, July 8, 2012


Stepping on soap box.

You know alot has been going on in my life recently. And I'm angry. I have the right to be. No, I'm not angry I'm fucking angry (excuse my language). I can't go into detail at this moment. But just know that sometimes life sucks. I am not sure why I am even posting this but I just needed to vent for .6865 seconds.

Stepping down from soap

the end

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

This is going to be a big post! Sorry in Advance!

I can ALMOST take a deep breath!! ALMOST! WOW! Life has just been  CRAZY !!  The last part of May and allll of June (So far) has been so busy!! I never realized how busy I would be as a stay at home mom! Geez

Lets start with Mother's day weekend!! My brothers sweet girlfriend, Maggie graduated from college!! I went to her graduation and I am so proud of her!!
Love her!!

 Then For mothers day we went to lunch at a little Mexican restaurant with my parents and with Maggie's parents!! I really wish I had a picture! Then for dinner, we went to a little Asian place with hubby's family. My mother in law was a little sad because it was the first Mother's day with out her daughter. She got married in September and moved to California with her husband. He is in the Marines, So visits with her are not as frequent as she would like.

Hubs made me a special picture frame from little man and my parents gave me a the next piece in my Willow Tree collection. Since I became a parent they started giving me these figures and it has been a really special tradition to me! 
This years figure

All of the ones I have so far!

I can't wait till next years!! My older Brother also moved to Austin, Texas for his job that weekend. That actually made me more sad than I thought I would get.

So, After Mothers's day was another BUSY weekend! My baby brother Graduated from HIGH SCHOOL!! So crazy! The little boy that followed me and my friends around all the time was graduating!! I am so proud of him!! I can't wait to see where life takes him now!! Here are some pictures :

The Graduating class!

Proud Momma!!
Proud Daddy!!
Family. (Thanks wind for ruining the picture!)


Maggie & My nephew, Wyatt
My Brother and his Girlfriend Maggie!! Love them so much!

That weekend also happened to be my father-in-laws Birthday! We went to this AH-MA-ZING burger place. It's called Twisted Root and they have the BEST sweet watermelon tea!

Litle man & Popsie!

Love my wittle family!

 Friday, Little man and I spent some much needed time with my parents and uncle and his family who moved to mexico several years ago to start and orphanage. We went and saw Lorax 3D. Little man refused to wear the glasses. But He sat through it! Then we took little man and my uncle and his family to the splash park!! Oh man Little man had fun!! My uncles son....Not so much. He was TERRIFIED of getting wet.
baby wyatt. Nana and picco with their grandbabies. && Cousins bonding.
 I wonder how they give him a bath??  My nephew Wyatt also joined us at the park.Then saturday was my future Sister in laws Lingerie shower! which I made the invitations for! I talked about that here!! That was so much fun making the invitations! It was also really nice to be involved in!
My mother in law- Kathy, Sister in law- Brittany, Some bridesmaid. The Bride to be - Sarah , MOB-Stacey and I!

This week has Been JUST AS BUSY. Monday Night my Mother in law and my Sister in law took the bride to be out to dinner and celebrated her coming in to the family! We ate at Joe T Garcia's! They have a BEAUTIFUL outdoors seating area and delicious Pina Coladas!!

I am not even sure what I did on tuesday... Today, was family pictures with the in law side! We looked good!!
This weekend will be busy too. My brother in law is getting married and I am so excited! Then next week we have plans... I don't remember what... But I pretty sure we are doing something. I should probably check on that. And with that being said... Until next time!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I can't believe it's already Wednesday!! Where has this week gone? Well, Today  I am linking up with Jamie over at little miss daisy may for " What I'm loving Wednesday!"

{I'm Loving} That little mans personality. He is so funny. random quote he said last week:
"I need a tampon. I JUST need a tampon!!!
{I'm Loving}  The beautiful weather we had today!!
{I'm Loving} My new found hobby of stamping/ card making!
{I'm Loving} That my sweet husband made a delicious dinner last night!!
{I'm Loving} that my daddy taught me how to cut with a wet saw and lay tile today! I feel like I can take on ANY project that involves power tools. haha!

{I'm Loving} That I got to make the sample  invitations for my SIL Lingerie shower!nothing like being able to give a home made gift!
I can't wait to finish them!
{I'm Loving}  That I also get to link up with Michelle some of My  favorite Pinterest finds :

Construction Birthday Party Ideas
Source:partyondesigns Via Amber on Pinterest

This BEAUTIFUL nursery!
Alexa Baby Bedding from PoshTots
Source Poshtots via Ashley on Pinterest

 I love this idea!!
IKEA bookshelf on it's side. Playroom
source: I heart Organization via angie on Pinterest

source: we know memes via Lauren on Pinterest

This would bea great Mother's day gift from a grandchild!
grandma - free printable
Source: eighteen25 via Lauren on Pinterest

Love the white jeans(I bought some white jeans recently! However I didn't even make it out of the house before little man got something on them!!)
chambray + white. 
Adorable picture

This is too cute!
Mama and baby birds necklace.
Source : Etsy via Ashley on Pinterest

I love this outfit!!
l love this
Source : lifes-a-journal via Rosi on pinterest 

I hope ya'll have had a wonder ful Wednesday! Don't forget to link up with 


Have a GREAT DAY!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

They see me stampin', They hatin'

This evening I went to a stamp club. It's way more exciting than it sounds. 
Yesterday, when I went to my sister in law bridal shower I met a woman named Shaunna. She made the cutest invitations for the shower. I wish I could find the invitations from the shower so I could show you a picture! They were ADORABLE!! Well, She invited me to attend her "Stampin' club". It's kinda like a scrapbook club but you make cards and stuff like that. It was so much fun!! It was nice to be around other women. It was nice to do something fun and have some "Me" time. We made Father's Day cards. I think they turned out awesome! I didn't know I was capable of making something like this! When I saw the pile of papers and instructions and then I saw the sample, I thought "There is no way mine will look like that." I figured it would be all crooked and messed up and not look anything like the sample. I was pleasantly surprised with the end product!

This is the front of my card.

The tree is a stamp and the color was added with water crayons.

Inside of card

The inside of the card is a stamp. 

They have a rule with the envelopes. No naked envelopes. So I just added some leaves with a stamp. I really really had fun doing this. I am such an old lady, haha. I am helping host a lingerie shower next month and decided tonight that I am going to MAKE the invitations myself. I am super excited about making them! I have an idea of what I am going to do for the invitations... But I can't share yet! I think they will turn out super cute though!

Anyone else do stamping or scrap booking? Share your favorite project! I would LOVE to see all of your creations!!!