Saturday, September 10, 2011


Guess what!! I'M BACK!!! 

My husband loves me .... Tonight He bought yours truly a new laptop!! I am so stinking excited because now i can start taking pictures again and save them to my computer!!

Today was a pretty exciting day for me !! I went to the gun range with my dad and learned how to shoot a gun!! Now, let me tell you. I have never been a fan of guns. Some people say " Guns don't kill people, people kill people."  I agree with that for the most part. Until today, I have never touched a hand pistol.

The adrenaline from it was awesome. I ended shooting about 200 rounds of ammunition. I was bound and determined to hit that target in the head. Now, Like I said, I had never shot a gun before. My boots were shaking. Every time my dad would shot I would jump. I still can not hold it very steady when i shoot. I shake really bad. It was some great bonding time with my dad. Just him and  his girl.

Later in the day I went to my sister in laws lingerie party. She will be getting married in a few week and some of her friends threw her a party. It was fun. We played a few games, ate lunch and then opened gifts! Hehe, there was a lot of blushing going on then. Not from me though... I thought it was hilarious. Well if you knew "B" you would know she is very....conservative and modest. Well we threw that out the window for a little while today.

I came home and Aiden was so happy to see me it was ridiculous!! He was screaming with excitement while trying to talk to me. I couldn't even understand what his sweet lil self was saying. He is really starting to talk now... Like can have full blown conversations. Well, for the most part. Still a little hard to understand what he is saying.

Well, I believe that was all that happened in my exciting life.

Until next time,

Rebekah Alisa