Monday, May 7, 2012

They see me stampin', They hatin'

This evening I went to a stamp club. It's way more exciting than it sounds. 
Yesterday, when I went to my sister in law bridal shower I met a woman named Shaunna. She made the cutest invitations for the shower. I wish I could find the invitations from the shower so I could show you a picture! They were ADORABLE!! Well, She invited me to attend her "Stampin' club". It's kinda like a scrapbook club but you make cards and stuff like that. It was so much fun!! It was nice to be around other women. It was nice to do something fun and have some "Me" time. We made Father's Day cards. I think they turned out awesome! I didn't know I was capable of making something like this! When I saw the pile of papers and instructions and then I saw the sample, I thought "There is no way mine will look like that." I figured it would be all crooked and messed up and not look anything like the sample. I was pleasantly surprised with the end product!

This is the front of my card.

The tree is a stamp and the color was added with water crayons.

Inside of card

The inside of the card is a stamp. 

They have a rule with the envelopes. No naked envelopes. So I just added some leaves with a stamp. I really really had fun doing this. I am such an old lady, haha. I am helping host a lingerie shower next month and decided tonight that I am going to MAKE the invitations myself. I am super excited about making them! I have an idea of what I am going to do for the invitations... But I can't share yet! I think they will turn out super cute though!

Anyone else do stamping or scrap booking? Share your favorite project! I would LOVE to see all of your creations!!!

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