Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ice cream, crafts & baby pools!

*I apologize now for the format. Hubby's computer died and now I have to post from my phone !*

These past few days have been filled with fun! Being with little man & family is always fun! Friday we went to my parents house and spent time with them and my nephew, Baby W! They swam together (Baby W just kinda sat there). I even made little man a race track on the floor with painters tape! Haha, it was a little Loopsided but little man never noticed. We also went to the "parking lot" again and feed the ducks and played with nana and picco! On the way home, I had the bright idea to stop and get little man a ice cream cone an let him eat it on the way home. I forgot we live in Texas and its May. Needless to say, clean up was fun! At one point I braked quicly and I hear from the back seat " mommmaaa! You made me drop my ice cream!" I should have learned from the day before when we had push pops on the back porch that it would not turn out good. But I didn't.
The Ice Cream mess.

Baby W Look at that smile!!
Saturday, I ran around preparing a bridal shower gift for my future sister in law and a bow holder someone ordered from me. I wanted to make my bridal gift. I have been found that crafting was really relaxing for me and the only time I get to craft is when little man and hubby are asleep. I once tried to sew while little man up. I almost got my fingers sewn together!! Last night, I didn't get to bed until 4 am BUT I got both my crafts done! For the bridal shower gift I made what I call a " utensil cake". I am almost positive that not what it's called. Ha! I think it turned out great! The bow holder turned out PERFECT! She said her girls rooms was a Paris/fashion theme. She loved it!! I was so ecstatic!!

Nothing like Crafting and late night snacks. hehe.
Today, I went to church and then met my in laws at cracker barrel (one of my fav places to eat!) and had lunch with them and my future sister in laws family. Sarah is the most precious girl! She is just so sweet! After that, I went to the bridal shower. It was really fun to be apart of it. I loved seeing all the smiles and laughter and everyone coming together and celebrate Sarah and Tyler getting married. By the time
I got home I Was beyond ready for a nap. That didn't happen. Little man and I ended up watchig Lion king ans Toy Story and then going to my parents for a little bit. For dinner he asked for pizza. This kid LOVES pizza. He gets so excited about it. It is ridiculous! He was Dancing and hopping and skipping while we were waiting for our pizza! He is seriously the CUTEST kid ever. I'm a little biased though.

He is getting so big! I can't believe that in less than a month my baby will be three years old!! Where did time go!?!
He was " taking my picture" with his camera when we went to the parking lot. He kept saying " ok, momma pose for a picture." and then he said " perfect. It's pretty!!" hah. He can always make me smile. No matter what.
My future Photographer.
Notice the sunglasses?? The sun wasn't even out. He insisted he had to wear them. 

So my weekend was super busy and super fun! How was yours??

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