Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am still alive!

Just a FYI.. I am still alive. I know, I haven't been around lately. Its been CRAZY this past month or so. 

In the beginning of December I found out that I was an AUNT!! I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am an aunt and that my son has a cousin!! It was a very unexpected blessing... Not the less a blessing.

James Michael- Wyatt
 After find out all that news, It was time for Christmas. Oh man. It was busy and just crazy. With my family my husband and I have about 3409582 Christmas events to attend for both sides of the family. Little man was of course THRILLED that he got so many gifts!
I got some really great gifts. From my in laws, I got a sewing machine!! SCORE!! I am currently still trying to figure it out! From my parents, I got a really special gift.  I got my grandmother's kitchen aid mixer! I know this may not sound special, But i don't think my family has a lot of things to hand down. So I was especially excited to receive that gift.

For little man we went a little over board (We manage to do this every year. agh! )We bought him a power wheel & Santa delivered it on Christmas eve. Oh man, This year was a big fat F-A-I-L. We were all laughing when then video was recorded.  I thought I would give you a chance to laugh your butt of. Because I do. Every time I watch it I just smile and laugh.


Man this kid makes me laugh so much!

There are also days he makes me want to stick my tail between my legs and run
Like... TODAY!
I decided to treat my little man to the nasty play area at McDonald's. When we first get there, No was there. Just Me, Little man and McDonald staff. We were having a grand ole time. Laughing and playing and drinking a chocolate milk shake because he has the coolest mom around. Well, School lets out and soon there are tons of kids there with their parents. Little man was playing with a little girl who was probably like... 6-7(I am HORRIBLE with looking at a kid and deciding how old they are. So I am probably wrong.) and ways he comes back laughing like he just told a hysterical joke because you know a 2 yr old know so awesome knock knock jokes. WELL anyways.. He is laughing as he says "I spit on her...ah..hahaa" and of course being the calm and collected mother I am said "WHAT?!? YOU DID WHAT!?!? ARE YOU CRAZY!You spit on her??"  Then, the mother of this little girl turns around and say "Oh, yea, He already spit on her. It's OK."

UMMMMMMMM.... No, It's not okay.. I made him say sorry and we left.

 It's all fun and milk shakes until someone gets spit on.

until next time

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