Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh how pinteresting.

Boy has life been kicking me in the butt lately! I feel like I've been too busy to do anything blog-worthy & even when I somehow have the time to do something on here,i sit here staring at the screen trying to write  something(anything) amazing for all 3 of my followers ... It becomes a little exhausting.,

{I'm just trying to sound like I'm a super  busy bee so I seem like less of a blog-slacker...ssshhhhh!}

Today i am linking up with Michelle @ The Vintage Apple. and which means ...IT'S  WEDNESDAY!!! do you know what that means?!?!? 
{If you don't, You DO NOT have your priorities in order! get with the program!!}

These are stunning color
colors. @Nicole

oh my Gosh. This is so precious!! I HAVE to do this and frame it!
daddy black ink, child white.

I may or may not need to get this set up stat at my house! 
Love this!

oh. my. word.

Puppy in Pink

Oh I love the way this looks
stenciled dresser

I love shoes &heart;
These are hot.

I will finish with this. It is stunning!!
Valentino. Aaaaaah.

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