Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To my best friend,My confidant, My love & most importantly to my husband ♥

This picture was NOT planned. I was trying to be a creeper in the picture and it turned out perfect, Just like him.

Our wedding day 4years ago ♥

Four Years ago  today I said " I do" to the most wonderful man for me! I never thought that I would find my soul mate. I didn't believe in "soul mates". But that all change when I met Him :
This is a very old picture.

He changed the Everything about me, Not in in the sense that he made me or forced me.  He made me want to be a better person, he made me want to be strong, He made me want to trust, and most importantly he made me want to love.

Our first year of marriage was a little crazy. What first year isn't?? He was learning my habits, Good and bad. I was learning his, Good and bad. I took some getting use to. The whole... Living together, doing his laundry...Cleaning!?!?  I was (and honestly to this day am not) a very good house keeper... Or cook for that matter. Some of my dishes could make you run to bathroom faster than you ever thought possible!!

The second year. Oh what a year....

into the second year of marriage we found out our family was going to be growing. We found out we would be expecting a little boy. Whew , we did not know what we were getting into. With all my cravings and my mood swings, The swelling and of course... the 60 pound weight gain. He stood by me the whole time... and 9ish months later... our little man arrived.

and it was at this moment :

That i fell more in love with him.
and i knew from that moment on our lives would never be the same. For once in my life, I was ok with not being in control and I was ok with the dramatic change that was taking place.

Now, Let me say.... Starting your second year into marriage with a newborn makes things difficult. Granted your happy your not 9 months pregnant in summer time.... In Texas. The lack of sleep, The crying (both momfeels like its an invasion of privacyma and baby!), the constant feeding (again, momma and baby) The too tired to anything...
He helped me through it all. He is the most amazing father that i could have ever asked for my child. He wiped my tears when I cried, He feed me when I was hungry, changed poopy diapers when needed (Not's), helped me with laundry, with cleaning.... with my sanity. He was there. He is always there. No matter how far I go, No matter how hard I push. No  matter  how loud I yell. No matter how much I stomp my feet.
He is always there.
No matter what.

I simply want to say what an extraordinary man he is. I could not have been more blessed to have him be apart of my life and "A"'s life. I am so madly in love with this man. I thank God everyday for putting in my path when he did. If it wasn't for what we have, I have no idea where I would be.

So, Thank you honey for always being there and always supporting me and pushing me to succeed. I love you more than you will ever know. To the moon and back.♥ ♥ ♥

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