Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall is here!!

*Warning : this entry has no rhyme or rhythm(Like me)*

It is almost Halloween! This year Little man will be dressed up as a fire fighter! He picked his costume out himself... I can not WAIT to see him wear it! I also realized the last time i updated my blog was like 3 weeks ago. Everyday I say to myself "Ok. When i get home and little man goes to bed, I am going to update my blog." Well monday night was my dads birthday (His 60th!!) and tuesday was "I use to be fat" night (which I celebrated over the next two days by eating almost a dozen chocolate chip cookies by myself) Wednesday little man was sick and threw up in our bed. while we were trying to go to sleep and the lights were off. Thursday was "Grey's anatomy. and here we are today. Friday!!!(And I can't help but sing Rebecca Blacks "Friday" song any time i think of the word Friday)

So let's start with October the 14th. Why such a specific date you ask? Because.
It was my husband's 26th birthday!! We got both sides of the family together and went to eat at Abuelo's. Which I am positive they have one of the best bean and cheese burritos ever!! I love bean and cheese burritos. Yummy.
The birthday boy and I.
(Sorry for the crudy picture. Thanks Iphone!)

He got a ton of great gifts. He got a gift certificate to get his CHL(Concealed handgun license.) and then he got Dallas Cowboy tickets. AND XM/SIRIUS radio that he can take in different cars and 9mm hand gun.(as did I)
That Saturday morning we went to the Arlington gun club and took our CHL class with my Dad, My older brother Aaron and his awesome girlfriend Maggie Moo. (I LOVE this girl. Best girl my brother has brought home!haha)

That Sunday Trey and I went to the Dallas Cowboys game. I was a little excited about it. Not for the reason you think. While I do like a good football game. There is something I like a little more. Free stuff. i LOVE LOVE LOVE getting free things. I am the Queen of Koozies. I have a ton. I don't even like using koozies but if you need one.... I got like a thousand! As well as I love sporting my team and wearing things I normally wouldn't wear in public with pride beaming from my face.(By normally I mean never)

Seats were great. Although I now have a strong dislike for stairs.
I actually missed this part because i was out getting free stuff from vendors. I stole this picture from my husband's social media account. aka Facebook.

I did have a small amount of hate towards the cheerleaders for have bangin' bodies... But the I remember I don't starve myself and I have pushed a human out of my body. I felt fine after i realized that. I kept telling hubs that we needed to find cheerleaders so I could get a picture with them. Luckily for the cheerleaders, I couldn't I didn't find them because my real intentions were to karate chop their heads off their bodies. So apparently that was a win/win for the cheerleaders and the male fan population.

That Monday was my daddy's 60th birthday! He can officially recieve the senior citizen discount which I know he will take full advantage of!
I don't have a recent picture but this is from Mother's day 2011
(Left to right : Aaron.Nathan.Mom. Me&littleman.Daddy)

Funny story about my mom's gift to my dad and my little brother Nathan AKA "Chunks"(His Birthday is November 4th and Aaron is Nov. 5Th)
So my mom has really never used eBay before. (Oh, you see where I am going here, don't you...) Her account had something wrong with it and she asked me if she could use mine. I said sure... Like a good daughter. So, She gets on and decides she is going to buy my dad and brother a joint gift and get them tickets to the Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles game. She found a GREAT price for 2 tickets in great seating for like $200!! She bids on it and she won them! YAY, Go mom!! So she asked me to go online pay for them with her Credit card. I go on I pay. That was like Wednesday or so. Well my parents went out of town Friday to go see my aunt who is sick and my mom calls Sunday and asks if the tickets have gotten there here yet. I told her I would email the guy and see if he had sent them. He said he would send them Wednesday( two days after my dads birthday) but hopefully in time for the game Sunday. I thinkI decided to look up the seating chart to see where my dad and brother would be sitting and when I googled the Dallas playing schedule it said "Sunday, October 30 @ Philadelphia I started laughing at my desk at work and went to one of our directors (Whose Boyfriend did the same this exact thing and bought her tickets at a great price for the Dallas stars hockey game..that was being hosted by the other team.)
So I call my mom and she does not answer. I text her to call me I had bad news.(This phone call takes place on my dads birthday ... just a few hours before we are suppose to get togethr and celebrate...)

She calls me ....

Me: I ,um, have some, uh, bad news mom...
Mom: what? I am already having a bad day...
Me: You know those, uh, tickets you bought for dads birthday? The, uh, Cowboys game....
Mom: What about them?? (At this pointyou can tell she is getting frustrated with me because I won't just come out and say the "Bad news)
Me: You do know Philadelphia is hosting... Right? The game is in Pennsylvania...."
Mom" Oh, crap! Your kidding!!!
In the background I hear her ask Chunks (Who apparently was in a bad mood) if they were playing here or there.
He yells: I don't freakin know!!
MOM: omg omg what now what am going to do with the tickets? I cant believe this. I am am out $200 can you send them back?? omg.

This happened like3 days before the game,. Luckily they had a friend who was a fan and gets to fly for free because of where he works and he was able to buy the tickets from her.

Moral of the story? Read the Ebay listing for the item you are bidding on.

I think she can now look back and laugh... But Monday night was not a laughing matter...Neither was the puke little man decided to share with us in the car on the way to my dad's dinner.

I promise to post again next week with pictures of my cute wittle firefighter :)

OH OH OH .... I WANTED TO SAY HI TO MY NEW FOLLOWER!! i only need 6 more to be in double digits!!!

Oh PS..

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