Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its ok.... Thursday!!!

So parents came over and little man ran to them and my mom(nana) picked him up (he is "potty training" so he was in big boy undies.)
my mom(nana): eww his underwear are wet (feels his bottom) and I think he pooped in his underwear!(she puts him down and I check him.... Yup he pee'd and pooped in his underwear..) The following is my conversation:

Me: "A", Did you potty in your pants??
A: "Uh, NO."
Me: " Yes, you did. There is poopoo and pee in your undies."
A: " No, mommy."
Me: " Then who used the bathroom in your underwear??"
A: "Uh... I don't know!" (as he holds his hands near his shoulder and act totally confused as to who use the bathroom in his underwear)

Sorry I had to share... I couldn't help but laugh when he said that. Kids say the funniest things.

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Its <span class=Ok Thursdays">

Its ok..... eat more than one mini snickers ice cream bars because one is just so small!!!! be so tired by the time you get off work that you don't want to be social and you just want to veg out on the couch

.. To wake up every morning and think...."Is this real life?"

.. that you have not been to the gym in over a month.

.. that you stalk blogs more than follow them.

.. spend way to much time staring into your closet because NOTHING is cute.

.. If you don't save your legs for a week... It's Fall!! haha

.. that you don't

.. If you have the urge to go out a buy a boat load of fall clothes even though you live in Texas and today it's in the 60 and you know tomorrow will most likely be in the 80s

.. That you watch Jersey shores way to much.

.. That you get your news from TMZ and Radaronline.

.. That you follow me :) I love followers!!!

Lol, Enjoy your day/night!!

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