Thursday, February 23, 2012

Project Mom (This weekend!!!)

I am so excited for this weekend!! I will be attending something called Project Mom!!

They are the only company that provides events exclusively for moms! How awesome is that??? They have an all weekend package or just the one day package! They will have Guest speakers such as Jenna Marwitz and Nicole Sparks from Crockin' Girls(Um who doesn't love cooking with their crock pot!?!),Lorraine Brock from Get Organized!, and so many more speakers!They will have Break out groups,giveaways, and SHOPPING!!! I am beyond THRILLED to be attending. I can not wait to meet other moms! I think this is exactly what I need!

I am young mom. I married in 2007 at the age of 19 years old. I had my son at the age of 21. Not a lot of my friends  had children. Not a lot of my friends had Husbands! So, I didn't have friends that I could talk to and they couldn't give me any advice on how to raise a child. Now, I have my mom and my mother in law But each of their youngest children are 18 years old. While I do appreciate some advice from them... It's a little out dated. ha. Let's be honest here. I don't really have many friends that are moms or if they are moms they are at least 6+ years older than me. So it will be nice to be around mom of all ages and stages! I look forward to making some new mom friends and learning some new mom techniques!!

So, I  will let you know how my experience goes but I just know it will be a blast!

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