Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ain't that Pinteresting!!♥


What is Pinterest? Only the most amazing site ever!! It's where you can catalog everything wonderful FABULOUS!! I have spent so many hours on this site. I am STILL trying to figure out how I can do this full time :)

 Here are my finds for today!!
Vintage Rhinestone, Twisted Assemblage Necklace
I love all things vintage.
pretty sure i already pinned this... but just incase i didn't... LOVE!
In love.
Stunning veil
Pinned Image
Love easy creative ways to make things at home look cool!!

Ice cream cocoon
How can you not love a cute sleeping baby??
Melts my heart!
lil Breakfast at Tiffany's
Little breakfast at Tiffany's

Story of my life hahah

Look at those wrinkles!! so precious!(This will be the only time I will refer to wrinkles of precious!!
cute baby Christmas photo!
EKK!! so cute!!

Let your faith be bigger than your faith
Love this♥
Take your time and join Michelle over at the vintage apple!! I love stalking her blog! :-P
I love seeing what others think are pinteresting! So go on over and check her blog out!!

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