Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tis' the season of CAKE BALLS!!

Ok. There are holidays right around the corner. You got your work party, friends party, church party...All these parties! You want me to what? Bring something. Great.
I am the mom who goes to the grocery store and buys something pre-made and totally unhealthy. This time I decided to put some effort in and MAKE something totally unhealthy!
My first encounter with these was when a friend of mine made them for a football game gathering. I couldn't keep my husband away from the plate.

I started out with my ingredients...
Just a regular cake in a box and the stuff the box said it needed.
Chocolate. YUM

You will follow the directions on the box as to how to mix and how long to bake the cake. I told you this would be easy!
 After you bake the cake according to the directions on the box.. Your going to want to CRUMBLE your cake while it is still warm... You don't want burn your hands ....So I would let it cool for a little bit.

You can also use a fork to crumble your cake to make sure it's truly in crumbles.

It should look something like this!

You can use any kind of frosting that you want. I choose whipped cream cheese.
 Now, I did forget to take a picture of what the cake batter looked like while i was adding the frosting because i prolly had cake all over my hands. SORRY
The next step is to form your cake balls. Now, some people use a melon ball scoop. If you don't have one that fine. (

(I didn't have one hence my lopsided cake balls :-D)
Set them in the freezer for about 30 mins and let them set. 
At this point you can melt a chocolate bar in the microwave till it is melted and then one at a time dip the cake balls into the chocolate. I tried this but wasn't happy with the results of the first few so I just left them naked. 

They were so good! Hubs doesn't like frosting... so he asked me to leave him  a few of the cake balls without icing.... He wasn't aware that the frosting was mixed in and he loved them!! So, this is also a way to serve cake to those friends of yours that are always scrapping the frosting off their cakes. weirdos.

Little helped me with the mixing and I thought you would enjoy a picture of him happily helping.
: D
mommy, this is so good!!

mom, this thing is unplugged, Right??

Your the best mommy ever!!!!

 Hope you enjoyed this ...tutorial? Sorry it was a little sloppy!!!

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