Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Hello my friends!!

It's almost December!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of the year! I look forward to December!! You ask why? Because it means that I get to start putting up decorations that consist of LOTS and LOTS of penguin stuff!! I am slightly obsessed with penguins. I don't know why or when this started. I just love them. If you don't  know what to get me for Christmas, just find something with a penguin on it. 

Well Thanksgiving was this past week! Usually it is SUPER SUPER busy for my family because we usually have 3 dinner to go to. One in the morning with hubs grandparents/family at his grandparent's house, One with my family at my parents house and then one with my in-laws at their house with just hubs parents and siblings. So we are usually making multiple sides for each gathering. Somehow, This year my in-laws managed to get the grandparents to just come over to their house for dinner. So we didn't have to eat 3 different meals space 2 hours or so apart from each other. Thank goodness. I cooked from scratch this year. yup, sure did. I know this is going to sound realllllyyy weird but as a "Cook" (I use this term verrryyy loosely.) I do not eat alot of what I cook/Bake. For me it is because if something doesn't taste good, I don't know... And if it doesn't taste good everyone is going to be polite and say it taste good. I would rather no know the truth. I am fragile (that's a complete and utter lie!) 

ANYWAYS, I decided to go all Martha Stuart on my family! I made home made pumpkin pie and cake balls. When I say home made pumpkin pie I mean I went out found a pumpkin and slaughtered that sucker!! I also made my own crust. SAY WHAT!! It really was alot more complicated than I thought it would be!! You know that scene in movies where the person making a smoothie or something forgets to place the lid on the blinder? I had a moment like that. I pulled the blender to high when mixing my condensed milk and pumpkin mush and it splattered all over me, the counter, the stove and the floor. At that point I wanted to cry. It was 2 am and i was covered in pumpkin guts!! I wish I would have gotten  picture but I would have probably been in tears. haha.

In the morning we went to my parents first. Oh man I had one of the best laughs ever there. Ok, You know the candy dispensers at target they have with the little shovel to get candy by weight? Well my mom has one of those on her counters. My little brother (Chunk is 18) had a friend over for Thanksgiving and he was in the kitchen helping my mom and I. I was standing at the counter and he was behind me by the sink... Well I hear the lid to that canister snap shut. I spin around to see him popping something in his mouth. I start at him then start to say " Did you just...?" and he shakes his head( making sure he didn't bite down on what was in his mouth) yes and spits it out... I burst out laughing.. This container on the counter had dog food in it. He said "I thought they were cocoa puffs... Well atleast solved on wonder in life for me. I always wondered what dog food tasted like..." Oh my gosh. I COULD NOT stop laughing or telling this story to anyone and everyone that would listen.. Made my day. hahahah. Needless to say my father has DEMANDED that my mother remove that container of the counter.

Also Aiden refused to put on his clothes for my in laws dinner. He wanted to wear his batman pj's and that he did. 
I will leave you with a my handsome little guy:
He is such a HAM!! ♥

Until next time....

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